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My friends at Sprawl ‘N’ Brawl are making some new gear, checkout this new t-shirt they are putting into production! As well they will be around the U.S at different MMA events and Grappling events promotion they’re gear as well their brands debut in the UK will be soon! If you cant meet them in person then please like their Facebook page; or go to their website and support this company!

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So far soo good!

So my new training schedule has been working out fine! I start doing real physical work running early in the mornings 6am run to get the day started, my new vegetarian diet is starting to work well! Ive been doing some great training with my team and im feeling good, im very excited to try my hand at some up and coming tournaments, but im most looking forward to be fighting in is the world pro trials and to Ny open, and if i save the money, i will try my hand at worlds this year! I will be rocking Sprawl ‘N’ Brawl gear at these tournaments for the nogi parts!¬†


Nymag Mat Culture of today

So today in the new windsor location, we did a small in house tourny between the blue belts absolute style, and won the belt lol which was a replica of the ufc belt, but with that i now have to fight anyone who challenges me to keep it! for me i think its a good way to stay on point and as well to keep my competing spirit fed as well its good to compete with the guys at the gym to test our selves, as well its a fun time to watch everyone else have some good rolls. im sad my cousin will be flying back to florida ina few days but we will get one more training session in! osss.

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